Why Aren’t My Penis Pills Working?

So, you have been taking your penis pills for several months, and you just realized that they are not working – either completely, or, you are beginning to feel they are underperforming. Now you are wondering why your pills are not working yet you are sure that you selected the best there are in the market, and you have been taking them faithfully day in day out. In this post, we seek to establish or rather help you understand why your penis pills are not delivering the anticipated results.

Users of penis pills must understand that taking penis pills as instructed is just one of the rules of the game. You could be taking your pills at the same time every day, and in the right dosage, but fail in other areas. Below are the other things that you are most probably not doing, or if you are doing them, you are not getting it right.

You have unrealistic expectations

Is it possible that you set your penis enlargement goals too high that this is the source of your current predicaments? It is human nature to want things now and not tomorrow. It is possible that you have been using the pills for a month or two and desperately wishing to see results. Try and be real with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in one day! Most of the good things you see today took a while before they happened. Allow at least six months to elapse before you can conclude that your choice of penis pills is not working.

Your underwears could be the culprit

As far as size is concerned, it would be safe to conclude that tight briefs are partly responsible for inhibiting the expected growth of the penis. Naturally, limited space is known to cause stunted growth. Note that, when you keep your manhood and testicles restricted and compressed under tight briefs, circulation becomes limited. Besides having an adverse impact on the shape of your penis (you are looking at a possible curvature), your erections or the actual size of the penis could be affected. If you have been spotting restrictive underwears, and not seeing impressive results, you may want to consider an overhaul as far as your wardrobe is concerned.

You have neglected your diet

Taking your pills religiously doesn’t guarantee anticipated results if you are not eating the right foods. Make sure that you are feeding on a balanced diet and most importantly, do not skip important meals of the day. On the same note, include sex enhancing foods – such as water melon, onions, bananas, oysters, and chocolates and so on – in your diet. Also, remember to consume at least eight glasses of water daily.

You need a lifestyle adjustment

Are you the type that has difficulties moderating the bottles of beer you take daily? Do you smoke cigarettes? When was the last time you jogged, took a morning or evening walk/run, or hit the gym? Alcohol and cigarettes are known to slow down or hinder male enhancement especially if consumed in excess. Consider quitting these poor and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Besides, it will go a long way in helping you improve your general health and well-being. It even gives you an opportunity to free up cash that can be used in other constructive ventures.

Also, incorporate an exercise routine into your schedule. You do not have to pay for those expensive gym subscriptions. A morning or evening run/walk/jog should do. Of utmost importance is to make sure that you are doing something as far as regular physical exercise is concerned. It promotes proper flow of blood, besides getting rid of bad fat and cholesterol that obstructs the reaping of optimal benefits from penis pills.

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