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A disgusting sexual experience in the bedroom really damages self-confidence and results in embarrassment. In few cases, an unhappy encounter will result in self-doubt and anxiety that can lead to many adverse sexual performance issues later on. Luckily, some solutions are present and that we provide a guide for you to know about the best and top male enhancement pills.

The first step for you to take in choosing the best pill is to identify what you really want to achieve through a penis pill. This will truly assist you in choosing such pills that will definitely lead to desired results for you and even assist you in avoiding the wastage of money. The primary options consist of natural male enhancement supplements that will increase the penis size and the products that will correct the erectile dysfunction.

The penis enhancement pills are developed in such a manner that they will increase the penile size. The doubts about the penile size and uncertain feelings are dominant among males of different age groups. In many cases the penile size occurs in the normal range. But many males achieve only smaller than average penile sizes that effects their sexual satisfaction with their partner. 

The search for the best male enhancement product is usually quite confusing. The reason is that that there are many diverse supplements and pills being sold in the market. If you are looking for an efficient and safe product, then you should choose those that consist of amino acids, vitamins, herbs and plant extracts. All these ingredients have known to enhance the penile size and even help to improve the longevity of the erections. Moreover, the sexual performance and sex drive are greatly improved as well.

What are some of the perks of using penis enlargement pills? 

Penis enlargement products are naturally the most effective way to increase size of the penis. Some of the other benefits of using them are: 

  • Gain in penis size: you need to give it time in order to get the desired results. Usually, the results are visible within a month. 

  • They are safe to use. They are completely safe to use as natural ingredients are used for their preparation. There are also no side effects of using male enhancers. 

  • Penis blood flow increases: penis blood flow is an essential part to gain penis size. Male enhancement products are useful in enhancing the blood to the penis which directly increase penis size. Simultaneously, it will also provide important nutrients to the reproductive system so that it works accurately. 

  • Enhances overall sex health: your sex drive improves with the help of harder and longer erections. At the same time, sexual performance is enhanced so you can satisfy your partner in bed. 

What is the top male Sexual Enlargement Pill?

We evaluate our five best penis enhancement capsules by taking into consideration many criteria like value, safety, medical studies, customer feedback, money back guarantees, customers service as well as the effectiveness. We present you a few of the leading male sexual enlargement pills that exist in market these days.

The Quest For The Best Male Enhancement Pills

Rating #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Products ProSolution


SinRex Vimax Invigorex
Size Gain 2 - 3
2 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
Sexual Enhancement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medically Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes** Yes**
Customer Support


Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Company Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Free Bonuses Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Guarantee 67
Our Review Full
Full Review Full
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Brand #1 – ProSolution

The ProSolution male enhancement pill is basically our first choice since it has proven itself to be more effective than others. It has scored higher than other products when it comes to performance and safety. We congratulate the manufacturer for creating a pill that has helped a lot of men with their male enhancement problems. 

This pill is created by specialist and has been manufactured by a company that uses only high quality ingredients and never use any fillers. ProSolution actually works by increasing the blood flow to the male organ and by stimulating the production of the male hormone testosterone to improve the quality of semen and even the quantity of sperm.

The manufacturers of ProSolution claim that all the ingredients that they use in the ProSolution formula are all natural. Lab studies show proven results for the product. Prosolution pills rank favorably when compared with Vigrx Plus. Therefore ProSolution pills have been proven as one of the most effective male enhancement solution for more than 14 years and this is for a good reason. We recommend it to all men that suffer from erection and ejaculation problems as well as for increasing penis length and girth. 

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Brand #2 – VigRX Plus

The VigRX Plus male enhancement pill has surpassed every test that has been given, all with amazing accuracy and effectiveness. This pill is from a trusted manufacturer and the formulation has been created by specialists and physicians that understand that supplements should only contain the best and the most natural ingredients. VigRX Plus is created to ensure that users will be able to completely benefit from all the ingredients making it one of the most effective male enhancement formula. 

Basically, ingredients of VigRX Plus increase the flow of blood to the penis and will also increase the secretion of testosterone to be able to increase interest and control in sex. Bioperine in the formula makes sure that all the amazing ingredients of VigRX Plus are well absorbed by the body. When it comes to testing, VigRX Plus is considered the most extensively tested in the industry with results coming back better and better time after time. This alone makes us confident to recommend VigRX Plus after the top formula ProSolution. 

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Brand #3 – SinRex

SinRex has been created using the safest, all-natural and effective ingredients to its unique two in one formulation making it one of the most trusted and effective male enhancement formula. SinRex contains potent herbs and these ingredients are highly formulated to be able to provide the best results. 

It is known not just to provide support to male healthy but to improve a man’s psychological health so that it would also benefit his partner in the long run as well. Men are known to desire bigger, harder and totally mind-blowing erections and these results may be obtained if they use SinRex especially if supplies of VigRX and ProSolution are getting a little thin.

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Brand #4 – Vimax

Vimax has everything that men will ever need in a male enhancement pill – use of Vimax will lead to an increase in penis size, mind-blowing erections and increased stamina. When it comes to sexual satisfaction, users of Vimax are not as satisfied as the users of the top three enhancement pills and the results of this product may only be seen after a few weeks of use however there are a few perks to its use. 

Consumers that support Vimax will get to enjoy discounts and bonuses as they order. This is considered one of the best values in the industry! There is also a lack of customer service support which is one of the most important part of buying any kind of product especially for male enhancement. 

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Brand #5 – InVigorex

Just like any kind of male enhancement product, InVigorex is created to be able to cater to men’s needs when it comes to stronger and lasting erections and increasing penis size. There are a lot that have been mentioned about InVigorex especially when it comes to its effects in enhancing sexual performance in men but it is not that easy to place all your money in a supplement that claims to improve length and girth after some time or after a number of weeks of use. 

This is what InVigorex does and more so, the manufacturer of the supplement does not clearly reveal the ingredients that their product contains and therefore this could be very disappointing. Customer service is also lacking with this manufacturer and this could again make the product less desirable to customers.

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How we have Chosen and Reviewed Male Performance and Enhancement Pills?

Although majority of males are really keen to enhance their sexual performance, yet there will be some sort of caution that needs to be taken while shopping for products. This is the reason that our review procedure is different and one of the most strict respectively. When we are choosing products to evaluate we base our policy on the given below four factors;

Safety First - It is a true fact that any product that is chosen for evaluation on our website should be thoroughly tested before it is launched. We are not only talking about the official and standard tests. If we find that a huge number of customers have experienced adverse side effects, then this means that such a product is unsafe and cannot be fit for our website. 

Money Back Guarantee - Just glance through to the majority of the products that have reviewed on our website. You will see one different aspect that many of them come with an awesome money back guarantee claims. This element of money back guarantee is vital according to us and on many occasions we have only listed those products that consist of this advantage. The money back guarantee will not only lower the financial burden but will enable you to try the product confidently.

Medical Backing - The medical evidence is quite necessary. So each product that we have reviewed on the website has some sort of medical backing that suggests that will work efficiently for you. If it does not consist of anything, then it is not worthy enough to be placed on our website. 

The Cost -
The foremost thing that you need to remember is that if the product is easily accessible, it will not be placed on our website. There are a few products that may have received some rave reviews from other websites. But having an expensive price tags suggests that majority of the readers will not pay much interest in buying them. Thus, we will include only those products that can be conveniently bought by the customers.