Sex Help For Men: Stay Erect With Herbal Erection Pills

Weak erections or the inability to obtain erections can be a devastating moment for anyone. Even if it just happens occasionally, it is something that gets men worried. Erectile dysfunction is one of the reasons why even the best relationships break. Some men end up performing very poorly at work due to impotence. For this reason, it is advisable that men look for solutions as soon as this problem arises to prevent further challenges.

How do herbal erection pills help you to stay erect?

Men suffer different forms of erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. The condition is said to occur if a guy has frequent difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection during sexual performance. Some of the symptoms associated with erectile problems are decreased sexual desire or libido. In the United States alone, approximately 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. With these statistics, it is easy to understand how common the condition is.

Besides the standard impotence treatments such as implants, vacuum pumps, prescription medicines and surgery, herbal erection pills are doing a great job as well in improving and treating erectile dysfunction. These pills are made using extracts from carefully selected herbs that are known to alleviate ED symptoms and causes.

Let’s consider some of these herbal ingredients that you are most likely to find in your herbal erection pill:

Panax ginseng

Also known as red ginseng, Panax ginseng has earned itself yet another title due to its powerful ability to treat erectile dysfunction. You will hear people refer to it as the herbal Viagra. One of the most important components present in red ginseng is Ginsenoside, which works at the cellular level to enhance the erectile function.


An amino acid, L-Arginine occurs naturally in the body. It facilitates the production of nitric oxide that is responsible for relaxing the blood vessels which in turn promotes successful erection that is sufficient for healthy sexual performance.


You can almost always bet that yohimbe will be present in any brand of herbal erection pill. The component used is obtained from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. However, while this powerful ingredient plays a significant role in improving erectile dysfunction, the user must be aware of the associated side effects including blood pressure, increased heart rate, tremor, and irritability. It explains why prospective users of herbal erection pills are advised to consult their doctors first before buying and consuming them.

Other useful herbal ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba, DHEA, Rhodiola Rosea, Mondia Whitei (the roots of an African plant are used), Maca root, horny goat weed, saffron, Tribulus Terrestris, and Epimedium among numerous others.

A strong erection that is essential for a fulfilling sexual performance is determined by the nature of coordination of your entire body, the nervous system, muscles, hormones, as well as emotions. If either of these components is not working effectively, it could be to blame for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

For instance, the rest of your body might be functioning optimally, but when you are seriously stressed up, your little man may have difficulties rising to the occasion. As such, the synergistic effect of these herbal ingredients works to ensure that your entire body is performing optimally, and in turn, improve your erectile functioning.

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