Penile Vacuum Pump Vs Penis Enhancement Pills

In this world dominated by many penis enhancement products, it comes as no surprise that 90% of them are fake ones. Neither they’ve the ability to produce the desired results nor reliable. They’re specially designed to fool people who want to enlarge the penis. Penile vacuum pump is one such product that you need to avoid.

Many people who want to find an effective solution to their undersized penis often choose a product which promise faster results. This is because they’re impatient to see the results. In such a case it is quite obvious that you’ll be cheated. The manufacturer of these products realizes that you’re desperate to see the results and take advantage of the situation.

It is a proven fact that only 5% of men succeed in their penis enlargement attempts while rest fail very badly because of following a false method or technique. Penis pump is one such product which is ineffective and at the same time dangerous. It is no surprise that thousands of men have fallen prey to them hoping for faster results.

There is one factor that holds the key for penis enhancement, patience. It is not possible to increase the penis size overnight nor is it possible in a month or two. Penis enlargement requires about 4 to 6 months time and you need to be patient in order to achieve the desired results.

The following are some of the reasons to substantiate why you can’t trust the penis pump.

Dangerous and unsafe:

The pump is extremely unsafe and dangerous as it involves lot of risk to your penis health. A pump can seriously bruise your sex organ and even damage it very badly. This would mean that you’ll actually be spoiling your penis health by using this product. In anticipation of increasing the penis size you shouldn’t loose what is already there.

Over the years thousands of men across the world have lost their penis erection and sexual interest after using this pump. Read on to know why this happens.

Side effects:

This product is known for its side effects than producing positive results. Some of the side effects of using this pump are loosing penis erection, bruising and loss of sexual feeling. All these factors are inter-related. Damage to some of the crucial cells around the penis could result in loss of sexual feeling and erection.

A pens pump could result in all these incurable side effects with which you need to suffer for the rest of your life. Do you want it to happen? It is absolutely your decision whether you want to see such days in your life.


The best alternative that could find in the market is penis enlargement pills. These pills are extremely useful and capable of producing results with which you can lead a happy sex life.

The penile vacuum pump is extremely useless and ineffective. There are better methods such as pills with which you can find the desired results.

Combine herbal penis enlargement pills + penis exercise = Effective way to make your manhood bigger

Enlarging your penis in an affordable and safe way is the use of herbal penis enlargement pills. Women always wanted a bigger penis in men because of the simple truth that a large manhood is much capable of exploring sexual pleasure zones better. Some men who have been upset by other methods of manhood enhancement, they have the option of turning to herbal pills.

Herbal penis enlargement pills when used in combination with penile exercises give you permanent manhood enlargement. These pills when used along with exercises provide penile growth gains and desired manhood size in the shortest possible time.

These penile pills and exercises give the following benefits:

  • Stronger and harder erections
  • Augmented sexual endurance
  • Improved ejaculatory control
  • More powerful orgasms
  • Greater Libido
  • Augmented blood flow to penile region
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved self confidence

The best herbal penis enlargement pills contain natural herbs that are combined to give a male manhood the most benefits without the danger of damaging the male organ.


The pomegranate content in the herbal pills helps your penis grow bigger and thicker without any side-effects. This pomegranate extract is the main part of the ingredients in any of the best herbal penis enlargement pills that increases your manhood size and potency.

These two methods the penis enhancement pills and exercises are considered the best because they are natural techniques and do not cause any damage to your manhood. This method of increasing penis size is safe and very much reasonable when compared to other methods such as surgery and weights.

Surgery is a painful method and sometimes leaves you in complication. On the other hand, hanging weights damages your manhood in the long run. The herbal penis pill involves you consuming foods that will supplement the enlargement of your manhood whilst you continue to perform penile workouts to stimulate the expansion of your male organ.

Men are looking for the penile enlargement pills that can make their manhood grow longer enduringly. The fact is herbal penile pills absolutely boost the size of your manhood and improve your sexual desire and performance drastically.


Remember that the ingredients in the herbal penile pills can make your size become bigger and thicker. However, the expanding blood vessels and circulation will go back to their original size if you stop taking these supplements in your body. So always try to take penis enlargement pills along with good exercise routine in order to achieve permanent results.

The herbal penis enlargement pills are really good for premature ejaculation and also works wonders for overall endurance. The herbal content in the pills increases safely the nitric-oxide in the body which not only improves staying power during sexual act but also expands the blood vessels for better blood flow or circulation all over the body. Herbal pills also improve quantity and quality of semen and enhance sexual desire effectively.

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