Five Ways To Last Longer In Bed

For every man, his bedroom performance is of utmost importance. He attaches it to his masculinity, self-esteem, and identity. It is therefore normal to feel disappointed and concerned if his sexual performance shows signs of deterioration. It even has the potential to interfere with his performance in other areas of his life such as career, business, and social life and so on. Premature ejaculation is one of the sexual problems that men have to deal with. It is caused by several psychological and biological (physical) factors. If you are currently dealing with premature ejaculation, here are five ways to help you last longer in bed.

Stay clear of porn

Excessive consumption of porn is harming your ejaculatory control. If you have been watching porn, do yourself the favor of stopping with immediate effect. Watching or viewing pornography interferes with the production of dopamine – a hormone that controls your ejaculation reflex. When you watch too much porn, you condition your body to orgasm very quickly. If you want to make things right as far as lasting longer in bed is concerned, resist the temptation to watch porn.

Take supplements

When your premature ejaculation is due to hormonal imbalances, consider taking the appropriate supplements. Your doctor will come in handy in this case especially when he is the one who has made the diagnosis. He or she will prescribe supplements or pills capable of ensuring that you have the right balance of the hormones that influence ejaculation namely serotonin and dopamine.

Try foreplay

Any sex therapist will tell you how vital foreplay is in good sex – even when a couple is not dealing with ejaculation problems. It is therefore easy to imagine how useful it is when a couple is trying to overcome premature ejaculation. Spend time cuddling and kissing. Basically, there are endless things you can do during the foreplay phase of your sexual sessions. It will go a long way in helping you please your partner and last longer in bed.

Adopt favorable sex styles

Some sex positions make it harder for a man to last as long as it is necessary. It is imperative for every man to establish what methods work best for him – and more so when they are struggling with premature ejaculation. For starters, make sure that the sex style you choose allows gravity to work in your favor.

In such a case, the missionary position is out of the question. Apart from the fact that your penis is downward sloping while in a missionary position, you need to hold your body weight up which flexes muscles and in turn leading to the faster release of the semen. Possible favorable positions include standing missionary, doggy-style and girl on top.

Self distraction

Take mental breaks during sex. Try thinking of something of mundane nature. The objective is to keep your mind off orgasm as much as possible. Remind yourself that it is not all about the final results that matter but rather the need to enjoy every moment of the sexual intercourse. When your body and mind are off orgasm, it becomes easy for you to relax and have fun – longer! It even helps to strengthen the bond that you share as a couple. Sex should not be about attaining climax but having fun all the way!

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